Saturday, November 29, 2008

Halloween 2008

Halloween was especially fun for all of us this year because Ryan was so much more into it this year. He really got into the rhythm of going to each house and saying "trick or treat"! Here are some photos from that fun night!

Moraine State Park

This Fall, we made a trip to Moraine State Park for the first time. I am not sure why we never made a trip there before, but we'll have to make more trips out there in the future. We all really enjoyed it! Even though we went after the official "season" (hence the bathrooms were closed, the beach was closed, etc.) we still brought supplies to roast some marshmallows for smores. We tossed the football, checked out the beach, looked for fish in the water, and enjoyed the changing of the leaves. Moraine Park is definitely a beautiful landmark which we need to experience more!!!

Soccer Fall 2008

This Fall, Noah, Aidan and Justin played soccer again for Seneca Valley North. Noah played for the Tomahawks team again for Coach Pete. Their team went undefeated and keeps getting stronger and stronger as a team. Aidan played in U8 again with Coach Tom. Aidan continues to do well on this team and keeps getting better and better. Justin is in the U6 league, but skill wise belongs in the U8 division. Halfway into the Fall season, he was moved up to a U8 team and did great! He does fantastically in goal and improved so much on the field (compared to last season!) Right now, Noah plays on 2 indoor soccer teams and Aidan plays on 1 indoor soccer team. The kids really dig playing indoor soccer, and Dad and Mom enjoy the games too!

Noah's summer 2008 success stories

This past summer, Noah was finally age eligible to try out for a Tournament Baseball team with Cranberry Township. Needless to say, he made the team which meant we spent almost every day in July dedicated to the tournament baseball season. We ended up loving the experience! Noah did well and will almost certainly try out again next summer. The team played in 5 tournaments, and even though the team had a slow start, the team won a 2nd place trophy in the McCandless Tournament. The game before the championship game, Noah won the game ball and the last out ball as he made the last two outs of the game. What a proud moment for Noah and Dad and Mom!