Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Birthday flowers!

So, if any of you really know me, I do not like birthdays! My birthday was yesterday, and I am one more year closer to the dreaded milestone. Gulp. But I was pleasantly surprised yesterday as I came home from dropping my kindergartner off to school. A rather large box was on the front porch stoop. My new sister in law (who is such a warm, sweet, and thoughtful person) always seems to remember our family's birthdays. Having her in the family has really brightened up our lives! We are truly lucky to have her in our lives. Here is a picture of my beautiful live hydrangea plant in a pretty pot! Thanks Rach!

#3s birthday cookies!

My awesome brother and sister in law sent my #3 child yummy cookies for his birthday. The cookies were much too cute not to post!!!

Valentine flowers

I am not a very high maintenance person, and typically pride myself on this characteristic. But my wonderful husband surprised me this year with absolutely beautiful roses and lillies! Aren't they pretty? Thanks hus!